The Real Happy Hour



Counties currently involved with the Real Happy Hour initiative: Calumet, Outagamie, Marathon, and Winnebago.

What if we told you that one simple step can create positive outcomes for children and teens, foster stronger families, and build a healthier community? It doesn’t cost anything. Anyone can do it. It has benefits for people of all ages.

That one simple step is spending quality family time together. Whether it’s eating dinner together, playing outside together, going for a bike ride, or walking the dog, the time that families’ spend together is important!

The Real Happy Hour is a local, community-wide campaign in Marathon, Winnebago, Calumet, and Outagamie counties that focuses on the importance that family mealtime and family playtime has for children and teens. Family dinners provide the perfect opportunity when children and teens can talk to their parents and parents can listen and learn.

As children age, it is important to spend quality time with them, building trust and keeping the lines of communication open so that if at any point they begin to feel increased pressure to experiment with smoking, drinking and using drugs they can feel comfortable talking to parents about it.